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We are a small music collective based in Billings, Montana. By teaming up with other artists, bands & labels, we can all make a bigger impact on the local, national & global scene.      -




Seeded by 3 years of touring and recording with Colorado-based band the Photo Atlas, former drummer Nick Miles has now abandoned his place behind the drum kit to challenge himself as front-man on this new project.

No Cigar fits right in between the catchy appeal of pop punk and the grit of early emo/screamo - a great compromise between the eclectic arrangements of Taking Back Sunday and fresh hooks a la All Time Low.

The band thankfully strays from the over-produced aesthetics too often associated with the genre, following D.I.Y. ethics and self-producing their own material in order to achieve a more organic and personal sound, but also to be emotionally closer to their art and to the ideals behind this band. |


Huge Halo was formed in Montana near the end of 2015. The project builds on original songs that have been stuck in Hugh Healow's head for years. Combining Hugh's music with Nick Miles' heavy hitting & precision drumming makes for an interesting mix of extremes that seem to balance out in the end. Incorporating players from all over such as Daniel Gillespie (guitar) and John Keebler (bass) on varying songs also makes for a more eclectic overall mix. The Huge Halo project aims to be creative, fun & rocking... very, very rocking. |


Idiot Kid Arsenal (IKA) is an alternative rock band that isn't afraid of experimenting with indie and hard rock. IKA creatively slaps you in the face with songs of love, hate and happiness. For full effect, see a live show!


Just like it sounds. Chris Reeves boasts some mad ukulele skills & isn't afraid to get on stage with nothing other than four strings and the intention of singing his heart out. Chris also plays guitar in No Cigar.



DJ & Drums
DJ Hobbles & Nick Miles


We have and are forever creating a place in our thoughts, with our music ... a city of music in the mind, which is a magic city..perhaps a city in the clouds of our imagination...We have named it the Magik city.... We are the Magik City -

The Magik City Music Group a.k.a Magik City was founded in the middle of 2010 by Luis Martinez Montoya. An eclectic group with eclectic taste's in all genre's of hip hop. An independent record label, and a registered trademark in the State of Montana, Magik City Music Group is a hip hop music group which features a male and female duet for the labels main act with an amazing DJ who joins them on stage, DJ Next Year. The Magik City has been performing together since around 2010, with countless shows and hours put into their craft.


The Bedlam Saints

DJ & Drums | Bar Mitzvah-Hipster-Disco Shit!

DJ Exodus and Nick Miles

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